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DD Series
Release time:2017-09-21


公司生产的吊锭系列常规产品适配粗纱管嵌套高度小于25mm。 根据客户需求,公司可设计超过25mm规格的吊锭产品。

CF and DD series bobbin hanger can be equipped with each ring spinning frame, and be suitable for each roving bobbin to hang. Bobbin hangers are made from imported polyformaldehyde. If CF bobbin hangers are used, unexpected drafting can be decrease.(CF and KHK brand are our registered trademarks, beware of imitation)

The usual type of DD series is suitable for the bobbin of which the celcon bush is less than 25. If more, we need special designing.

屏幕快照 2017-09-21 10.03.12.png

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